The polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) from sticks the thin film

  This product mainly uses in the electric wire, the coaxial cable, the data electric cable and each kind of pilot wire cable, the tubing, the good material, the molding and other middle and small scale objects twines the packing, the popular name twines the membrane. Has the transparency well, from coherency strong, the operation simple is convenient, longitudinal strength higher merit.

  May divide according to the user cuts, processes Cheng Gezhong the specification and the length
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Polyvinyl-chloride book membrane longitudinal strength
18 Mpa 230 kg/cm2
25.27Mpa 29050kg/cm2
Break elongation ratio
Cold resistant (brittle temperature)

This polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) insulates circles the bandage

The product is named the black membrane mainly to use in each kind of power cable to circle a package of insulation. Has the minute to cut smoothly, does not have the impurity, does not have the pinhole, the tensile strength high, the insulating ability is good and so on the merit.
Gathers the tree ester thin film  
This product popular name polyester circles the bandage, mainly uses in the electric wire vertical package, circles the package, the insulation, the coil insulation, the middle and small scale electricity insulation, the turn-to-turn insulation, as well as the communications cable circles a package of insulation, with other uses electrician insulation materials.

1st, outward appearance: The thin film transparent, is bright and clean, does not have the air bubble, the pellet, the booklet wrinkle, the electric conduction impurity and dirty, the greasy dirt. Does not allow to have surpasses a thickness deviation scope crystal existence, the thin film minute cuts the edge to be neat, not to damage.

2nd, specification and size: Each volume thin film attachment are not many to three sections, each section of lengths many to 100 meters, the thin film should the close coiling on the tube heart, each volume total length many to 500 meters.

3rd, thin film thickness and deviation:
0.040 mm ~0.050mm allowable deviation ±0.007 mm
0.070 mm ~0.100mm allowable deviation ±0.010mm
Film thickness: From 0.012 mm ~0.25mm

May sliver according to the user demand minute: 5 mm ~1500mm each kind of specification
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1st, polyethylene film thickness
0.050 mm ±0.007mm
2nd, polyethylene thin film tensile strength longitudinal